the book + film

  ♥   about the book by ken kesey:

I first read One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest in junior high and it's a great book. The story of a man trying to avoid prison by faking mental illness is the central plot, being told and seen through the eyes of a Native American patient who is faking symptoms of his own. The story is very touching as this solitary man who doesn't belong there brings life and dignity to the patients. And the friendship and loyalty that develops between all of them is what drives the ending to it's tragic but empowering finish!

  ♥   about the 1975 film:

The film starring Jack Nicholson, Will Sampson, and Lousie Fletcher took a few deviations from the book, as all films do, but kept the heart of the story and was able to please fans and critics. The film was harsh and true but still emotional and heart wrenching. The actors portrayed their characters with passion and the result was a critically acclaimed award winning film masterpiece!

  ♥   the film cast:

Jack Nicholson ... Randle Patrick "R.P." McMurphy
Louise Fletcher ... Nurse Mildred Ratched
Will Sampson ... "Chief" Bromden
William Redfield ... Dale Harding
Brad Dourif ... Billy Bibbit
Sydney Lassick ... Charlie Cheswick
Christopher Lloyd ... Max Taber
Danny DeVito ... Martini
Dean Brooks ... Dr. John Spivey
William Duell ... Jim Sefelt
Vincent Schiavelli ... Bruce Frederickson
Michael Berryman ... Ellis
Alonzo Brown ... Attendant Miller
Mwako Cumbaka ... Attendant Warren
Nathan George ... Attendant Washington
Marya Small ... Candy
Scatman Crothers ... Turkle
Phil Roth ... Woolsey
Louisa Moritz ... Rose
Peter Brocco ... Col. Matterson
Delos V. Smith Jr. ... Scanlon
Josip Elic ... Bancini
Mimi Sarkisian ... Nurse Pilbow

  ♥   film posters + stills: